Friday, October 27

Index Librorum Prohibitorum

The University of Cambridge’s national library has been accused of blacklisting books in a “sinister, Orwellian and alarming” new decolonisation drive, after officials asked lecturers to flag “problematic” books that might be “offensive/harmful”.

Examples of “problematic” books are being sought from across the university’s colleges, with officials planning to draw up guidance for librarians and readers on how to cope with them.

In a memo sent to college librarians, the University Library said: “We would like to hear from colleagues across Cambridge about any books you have had flagged to you as problematic (for any reason, not just in connection with decolonisation issues), so that we can compile a list of examples on the Cambridge Librarians intranet and think the problem through in more detail on the basis of that list.”

[Free Speech Union article from Freddie Attenborough, Communications Officer, 27/10/23]

This is quite wrong. I am beginning to despair of academics and middle managers in this country, not to mention the total lack of courage of what sems to be the vast majority of those in charge to stand up to them.

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