Monday, August 13

Paddock Party 4 review

Highlights of the final review of the Paddock Party:
  • £820 cheque for the Northampton & Warwickshire Air Ambulance charity.
  • If invited to Sarah & Steve's for nibbles do not eat during the preceding 24hrs.
  • Inaugural run of some remarkable trains on a track running round the garden - if not a pretty cool site alone, the idea of putting a video camera on one of the carriages produced an amazing video [hopefully to be available shortly on-line!]
  • Shooting stars galore seen from the darkness of the paddock around midnight.
  • Yet more pictures now added to the gallery, thanks to Richard.
  • 16 August 2008 agreed as the date for next year's PP5!
And that poem is available here.

Sunday, August 12

New neighbours

Typical, isn't it. Spend ages trying to find a bird and then you find a bunch of chicks on your doorstep! Well, not exactly, doorstep, more like rafters . . .


Life seems to have returned to normal for these three now.


Huge quantities from Doddington available to anyone who likes apple sauce, apple crumble or apple pie. Should have made this a raffle prize.

Sunday, August 5

Party In the Padock 4 Picture Gallery

Follow this link to see the collection available so far from Adrian and myself.
More will be added once the others have recovered! Suitable captions will, in due course, also appear.

You can see the winning raffle tickets and prize list at

Party In The Paddock 4 begins

Watch out for the full report and selection of pictures.