Saturday, May 25

A short walk while the sun was out in May.

It's been damn cold recently but today May seemed more like May ought to seem. The sun was warm and there was a nice breeze. So I decided to take a walk from Astcote, across the field to Eastcote and then back via a tiny bit of Pattishall.

Mother sheep was looking out. She always seems to be standing at the top of a hill whenever I go wandering across her field.

These two weren't quite sure whether to pose or run. In fact they just carried on munching grass.

Eastcote isn't far away at all by this route. Although the climb up the other side of the hill is steeper than it looks - and then you have a stile to negotiate at the top. (For viewers from far away, a stile is a set of steps built into a fence or hedge to help people but not animals get across from one field to another or a field to a footpath.)

Electricity poles and cables everywhere but not a property in sight!!

I don't quite know why but I like taking photos of electricity poles.

Nice yellow fields are here again. 

Northamptonshire's rolling green fields are splendid. 

Horse chestnut tree in bloom. 

The village roads and banks are looking really tidy, freshly mown today. 

Here, you can see the Astcote sign and the Eastcote sign. That must mean I'm in Pattishall. 

Playing field equipment is still looking clean and fun. 

And the tennis courts too, open to anyone. I like that freedom to come and go as we please. I wonder if anyone is doing tennis coaching this summer? 

Why is the round-a-bout all wrapped up? Is this a present for someone? Probably not. Maybe the old wooden equipment is a hazard. Pity. It's been working for years and years and years.
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