Saturday, February 21

You should never ask a lady her age . . .

. . . so if I tell you that Laura and Amy are 21 today you won't need to!

Many happy returns x2

Saturday, February 14

Valentine's Day pick-me-up

The snowmen erected at the entrance to the paddock attracted a number of visitors at the weekend. Two can be seen here on their way home, one about to be picked up. Nice, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 5

"Just you dare," said Bryony.

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Nice day for a walk

Glimpses from an early morning walk around the village.
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Moles get a surprise

Strange bumps spotted in the snow - could they be moles? One definitely was and it looks as though he took one look and went back below ground. Another appears to have decided to take some grass with him.
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Most of us had to use shovels . . .

Steve impressed the neighbours with this smart way to clear the snow from his drive.
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