Thursday, July 12

Air freshener

Smells wonderful, this honeysuckle. It was just a twig snipped off one of the many bushes at Dodders and I popped it into a glass of water when I got back - several weeks ago!


After x weeks of rain, the skies cleared and I took B K and M off to Aldeburgh for a spur of the moment B11 birthday picnic. The trip took just 2 1/2 hours and the sun shone just enough to melt ice creams and, more vitally, dry out the clothes that they had to wear (having forgotten to take any others!)

Strange camera settings appear to show them standing on the edge of the world!

Sheep in advance PP4 promotion

Bale out

In view of the increasing age of guests, more bales will be provided this year at PP4. One has already been reserved for Cold Higham attendees as advertised on several posts spotted recently in the village.