Thursday, October 28

autumn view from my bedroom window Posted by Hello

Go away and come back when it's snowed. Posted by Hello

Not many flowers around at this time of year Posted by Hello

"My first day at school and all you want to do is take pictures" Posted by Hello

Robert needs somewhere safe to keep his new Volvo Posted by Hello

Something to do with the Grand Union Canal's 200th Anniversary (not that Bryony or Kirri were too bothered about that) Posted by Hello

Liverpool was quite wet, but interesting Posted by Hello

mud, mud, glorious (Northern) mud . . . Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20


It's a long way from The Village but the Grande Plaza is a nice place to sleep. Trying to find somewhere to eat in the evening in pouring rain was amazingly difficult if you don't know where you're going. I guess there are restaurants there somewhere but all my colleague and I could find was an expensive italian bistro-like place with a very odd menu.

Getting out of the city also proved trickier than I'd expected but I got it right second time round.