Monday, December 31

December 2018

It's the end of 2018,a nd nearly the end of another era for me. But there's just time for some Christmas greetings, a blue sky, green fields and the Moon again.

No sooner had I unpacked presents with Bryony, Kyran and Matti than I was off to Holland. I took my car across via the Harwich - Hook Of Holland ferry to stay first with Inna's son and wife in The Hague.

And that's all folks!

Friday, November 30

November 2018

Another trip to the wonderful island of Gozo in November. One of the most memorable trips I've made. Beautiful weather and scenery. Most grateful to Inna, and Derek for the loan of his car and use of one of his houses.

Now, back in the village again, it really is that time between Autumn and Winter.

Wednesday, October 24

October 2018

It is, most definitely, now Autumn. For a change, I haven't been running around much.

Sunday, September 30

September 2018

I take a trip to Kharkiv. Quite an adventure. Nice people.

Back in Astcote, I'm still chasing that bird.

And the cat doesn't seem to be bothered by that bird.

Lovely Autumn scenes now.