Tuesday, September 9

Looking for the Moon

I thought I would try and get some nice photos of the 'super moon' this evening. It was just around for a couple of nights and the sky looked nice and clear. I started by heading off to a nice place a mile or so away from where I had a good panoramic view.

The sun set and it was about the same time as the Moon had appeared yesterday. I looked in the same direction but couldn't see any sign of it. So I wandered further afield and found some interesting shapes.

A nice old barn or sheep shed. I love those places.

Then here it looked like we had our very own local volcano crater. But still no Moon. It was well past the time yesterday's had come up and I could see almost all around. Although the sky looked clear it was difficult to tell whether it really was so I guessed that it wasn't or that the Moon wouldn't be visible for a while yet. I went back home. 

I went upstairs to copy the images I had got on to my computer and looked out of the window...

There it was. Right outside my window. It hadn't been up long but must have started at just the place where my view had been obscured! Typical!