Tuesday, July 31

July 2018

This is quite a month. July often is. Harvesting with a gigantic combine harvester up the road.

A couple of nice old cars at John's Garage up the road.

Bins looking clean in Pattishall

Rare meeting with my brother for his 75th birthday and cousins Rosemary and Joyce somewhere in Stafford.

My car gets another clean - possibly the first since October!

For Kirri's birthday we go to silverstone and gaze at many lovely cars, including one that is almost the same as what I used to drive in the 1980s.

Kirri's girlfriend Emma's 21st birthday

Rupert's 75th card from me

It's warm again.

Penny from across the road in the village makes me these wonderful embroidered cards.

I meet the lovely Inna on-line

Kirri's 20th birthday card

I learn how to use Google Hangouts and that's my evenings occupied for many months to come.