Monday, February 6

Taking a leak

Concerned that Gnome may be contributing to the recent floods in and around the village, local resident Rod Rubber, hastily excavated a temporary privy for the guy. This not only successfully hid the gushing moulded parts from view but also, as those familar with pressure washer hose may have observed, served as an excellent place to dispose of said implement before the Water Authority twigged the real cause: over-Volvo-washing. A presumably late member of the Mexican band Los Sombreros also appears to have come to an untimely end beneath the village tarmac - but that's another story. Posted by Picasa

Gnome flap fitted at No 4

Having had a word with Jet on the subject of relieving oneslf in public, it was suggested that, as Gnome seems to have become resident at No 4 (Hmmm.. was at No 3, now No 4 . . . watch out No 5 . . ! Ed), the fitting of a fitting cat-, er, gnome flap, might be a jolly good idea. Posted by Picasa

Hole new story

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175 of 367

Thought the situation at work was a bit much and came home to this! That'll teach me not to defer checking my mail for a day or two! If you were one of the 367, apologies for the delay!

E-mail overload

Think I might attach this to replies to mail at work. Imagine having 678 unopened letters on your doormat?!

Now, where was I?

The gnome's back! Well, yes, that is the gnome's back but his back and the rest of him for that matter are still in the village. I didn't so much run away as found him a good home. Photos by his new chum Rob. Posted by Picasa