Monday, September 28


The last instalment of catching up with the Summer brings me to this evening's wonderful Moon after more wildlife and an eclipse yesterday.

The Woodpecker is still around.

So is the bizzard, but I keep missing him or her!!

Butterflies are a bit easier to focus on.

As I said, butterflies are a lot less trouble..

It rained quite a bit one week

Lots and lots of damsons on Maggie's tree

I don't know whether herons like damsons.

The Blue Moon Eclipse at 3am, 27 September

The Moon is still pretty red tonight.


More catching up from the Summer. These are mainly for the benefit of people who missed them and may not look at Facebook or Google much. So some of you may have seen these before.

A jackdaw that really wasn't anything like this close but he did sit still for longer than usual.

This fellow was also probably looking for the buzzard.

A Woodpecker was a regular visitor to the paddock this year

Mattis eemed to think it was cold despite the sun in August!


Continuing the catch up from Summer, here are some more butterflies and some birds and a duck.


As I haven't written anything here for ages I thought I'd do a month at a time and add suitable photos from each.
Nice honeysuckle

Nasty deadly nightshade

The good and the bad around here in June. The honeysuckle is keeping my house smelling good all summer. But the pond has a huge deadly nightshade bush. Luckily it's mostly around the back and no-one goes there much.