Sunday, April 18

Kirri earns some pocket money

Brilliant weather. Just right for lazing around and watching others work :)
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Monday, April 12

Driving with a bucket of water on the front seat is tricky . . .

Just spent an hour cleaning my old car which was covered in . . well, you know, what you get when you leave a car under tree branches for weeks! Nothing that unusual in that - except I'd taken the car to the village garage this morning as the wipers wouldn't stop wiping and left the keys with them so I couldn't take it down, as planned, to the car wash in town. So that meant driving, very carefully indeed, with a bucket of warm soapy water on the front seat of my new car from home to the garage this evening.

Luckily there aren't that many people wandering by in the village but those that did must have wondered what an earth I was doing washing a car in a garage car park. Maybe they thought I'd got a job as an evening valet. I couldn't do the rinse bit, though, as getting one bucket there was tricky enough, never mind a repeat trip, so I was hoping like mad that it would rain. But it didn't. So I have worn holes in the chamois leather drying it off and must have used a gallon of window cleaner to get rid of the smears.

Someone's coming all the way from Newbury, hopefully to buy it, and he sounds a nice fellow so I thought I'd better make an effort. Now, I just hope that the wipers stop wiping. Or pray for rain again!

Here's looking at you, kid.

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