Monday, July 27

Minutes of the 801st meeting of the Paddock Party Committee

With the event date of 8 August looming, it was felt that a further meeting was necessary. This also proved to be the first of many celebrations of the Minutes Secretary's birthday, from which he has only now recovered sufficiently to make an attempt at interpreting notes made at the time.

It should be noted that Adrian acted up as acting Minutes Secretray on several occasions during the meeting and, as a consequence, the interpretation of notes has been somewhat more tricky than on other occasions.

Readers are reminded that these are best read in a horizontal position and definitely not whilst driving or after a mouthful of rice which can be a pain to pick up afterwards.

OK. Here they are.

Thursday, July 23

The Paddock Party Committee hard at work

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Minutes of the 796th meeting of the Paddock Party Committee

As a result of being totally occupied with getting the epic 3hr, 2TB video file to squeeze into a YouTube slot for Little Train: Big People 2 video I completely forgot to circulate the minutes. Our worldwide fans won't have been concerned because they didn't even know another set were due but, bearing in mind that the next meeting is tomorrow, members should check out the Action Points!

Download a spare copy here. I should warn that these do contain reference to male members, tents and suchlike, but no pictures. Having said that I have just been told that someone did take some snaps at the last meeting so watch this space, or not, depending upon your inclination.

Monday, July 13

I like sparrows

I've had a camera for ages and knew the funny symbol meant that it could take either lots of pictures in one click or take a series of pictures if you hold the button down. Until today, I'd never worked out, though, how it worked. Hmm. Now I have 65 photos of sparrows. The nice thing is that out of each group of five there's usually one that's just right. Good, now I can focus on birds this summer. Had to put up with flowers last year.
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Sunday, July 12

Little Train: Big People 2

OK, I got the title wrong on the video - sorry. Anyway, here's the edited version of Richard's original (which, at 4GB rather exceeded YouTube's upload limit!) I have a feeling this version makes us all taller and thinner than we really are too but I guess some people would pay good money for that :)
Here it is: