Sunday, May 31

Office 2007 Ultimate for £38 or even free

Microsoft sure hid this well. They call it The Ultimate Steal. This is a great deal for anyone who can't get it from their boss (many organisation licences include a Home Use element which is worth asking the boss about) and who is a 'student' with an institution recognised by Microsoft. Most e-mail addresses are recognised.

Here's the link:

Good luck!

Monday, May 25

All on a summer's day

This charming little fellow was just hanging around, occasionally dozing off.

This local resident even tried to pose for the picture

There just seems something so odd about a pink football

Shortly before one of them fell in the stream
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Sunday, May 17

Minutes of the 795th meeting of the Paddock Party Committee

Here they are. You may wish to ensure that you are seated, not in desperate need of the loo and have a suitably credible excuse for anyone who might enquire why you are giggling at a set of ruddy minutes before downloading them.

Available at this link.

Thursday, May 7


Just arrived home and a nice number on the mileometer or whatever it's called.
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