Monday, August 30

Harvest moon again

Now I can see what the lines were on the picture I took a couple of nights ago. I'd never realised there were so many cables draped over the paddock although clearly a couple of pigeons find them useful to hang around on. Sorry to disappoint those readers who had been hoping we'd discovered a railway on the Moon or skid marks left by a Lunar Rover on a past visit.
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Can't tell the wood from the trees

Bits of my mystery plant - that's the one climbing out bottom left and another cutting bottom right - seem to have quite enjoyed the sun and wind and rain which we've had, occasionally all at once, over the last few days. The trouble is, there's now a whole load of other stuff growing in the tub I put them in and I've no idea which are weeds and which might be something interesting.

So if there's anyone out there with some advice just let me know. The black stuff was some compost I found in another pot which might have had some cress in once upon a time. And, of course, if you can identify the main one, which has quite thick, blobby leaves that smell great when you squish them, that would be good too after what must me a year or so of wondering!

It's still never flowered. The leaves smell of something quite distinct but I just can't match it to anything I know. Vaguely citrus-like, add a touch of eucalyptus and a pinch of mint and think lavender and you'll be on the right tracks. I know it's pretty common-looking but I'd love to know what it is.
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Friday, August 27

Has it stopped raining yet?

For the last few days the birds and I have been searching the skies for a patch of blue. Finally, today, the clouds lifted and the sun shone. Now that I'm back at work I expect next week will be wonderful :/
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Harvest Moon

I have no idea what the two lines are, though.
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Wednesday, August 11

It didn't rain!

Just added a few more photos to the PP7 album, taken by Adrian, including this wonderful one of the sky as the sun was going down. You can just spot some patches of blue through the clouds still and it was such a relief that nothing fell out of the darker ones at all!
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