Sunday, September 21

Ladies of the night?

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Interesting range of alcohol

Spotted amongst snaps from a recent Paddock Party Committee meeting.
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Another dragon fly drops in

I suppose that one day something normal will happen in the village.
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"You mean you can play this game without a computer?"
"Uh huh"
"So how does it work?"
"You try and hit my conker with your conker and I try and hit yours with mine"
"So how do you get to the next level?"
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More hotel freebies

This is the latest free gift from the mystery traveller. York postmark but Katie, who was in York at the time, is either innocent or a better actress than I give her credit for. So no idea still. Odd. Normally I get some sort of clue by now. As you'll see, this could expensive if I have to start paying for the 'gifts'! I'm wondering what else may be available in hotel rooms that might come my way in future. I mean they don't have to fit in those DL envelopes as they have the labels which could be glued on to a package for something larger.
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Monday, September 8


Scenes from Saturday night in the village when the High Street turned into a river and very nearly got into Maggie's front door but the flow was eventually directed into the appropriately named water meadow. A close call, though.
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