Tuesday, August 29

Paddock 3 Album

A collection of other shots and some commentary can be found at this link. Alternatively, they're repeating Badger Watch on ITV4 on Thursdays at 6pm.

Cool Mac P keeps his bottle - just!

Cool 'Mac' Pinckard was on fine form entertaining the troops at the annual farce locally known as the Party In The Paddock, now in its third year, and getting ever more bizarre and ever more sane at the same time, a feat that could only be achieved in the Village.

He did have one small problem, however - being stalked by a young fan with an eye on his bottle.

Paddock 3

There was a long queue at the 3rd Paddock Party on 12/8. In line with the new, law-abiding approach taken by the Committee this year, not only was there an application for a Licence To Have An Event At Which Somone Might Possibly Enjoy Themselves but also all the saladeers were required to submit all bowls, cling-film wrapped, to a team of OFTSED Inspectors doing a spot on the side while the colleges and schools were closed.

Thursday, August 3

Those little pictures in the address bar

Just discovered an excellent free tool that makes it easy to create the little icons that can be featured in people's browser address bar when they land on your site. Called favicons, they're a special type of file that you may not be able to do simply yourself. Html-kit.com will do the honours for you in a few seconds. Free. Like that. They can also do those buddy icons you see in messenger services.