Sunday, November 23

Shadow of Elvis

Moonlight shadow of Elvis visiting the village?
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Sunday, November 2

The villager's excuse competition winner

Not to be confused with the play which has a different apostrophe, there was a competition held this evening to determine who could come up with the most original excuse for leaving the 781st meeting of the Paddock Party Committee at Sue's Chocolate Emporium prior to the supply of alcoholic beverage drying up.

SarahB's pronouncement that she was leaving to get some more wine was deemed ineligible but was agreed to have been the most likely to be genuine.

The winner by a considerable margin was Steve D who announced in a particularly loud and clear manner, bearing in mind the tendency of words to slur in direct proportion to the number of glasses of wine consumed:

"I need to go so that I can finish oiling my worktop".

The judges decision is final and only correspondence enclosing used fivers will be entered into.

The Villagers' Excuse

There will be a performance of a new play called The Villagers' Excuse coming to a venue with a menu near you soon. For those who may have missed the practice reading at Sue's Chocolate Emporium this evening, the text is now available on-line at this link.