Sunday, December 31

December 2017

One of many jackdaws who like to eat whatever I throw out of the window onto the new roof on the garage below.

It snowed. Unusual for December these days!

And another gorgeous sky at night as the year draws to an end.

Thursday, November 30

November 2017

As I begin to go into hibernation, few pictures this month. I did, however, win 2nd prize in the Telegraph Crossword competition again.

Tuesday, October 31

October 2017

A harvest moon, I think, but it was impossible to focus. Nevertheless, quite an interesting photo after all!

My car gets what will probably be the last clean of the year! Looks great still. I think that is 2 years now since I bought it.

Saturday, September 30

September 2017

More fabulous sky photos.

Matti and Kirri at Kirri's new residence in Derby.

I manage to get quite close to the bird I have been chasing for ages.

My brother-in-law William, or Uncle Bill as we all call him, dropped in one day with an enormous home on wheels thing. Great to see him and we always have a good chuckle.

Still trying to catch that bird...

Thursday, August 31

August 2017

I discover that my cousin David makes his own honey in Caddington, Bedfordshire.

Brilliant skies in August.

And a hole in the clouds on another occasion.

Monday, July 31

July 2017

Kirri was working and studying at Rolls Royce so some modifications to his VW Jetta were in order for his birthday card!

A great month for photos. One of my best.

I like this one also - a nice view from the shade of trees to the field next door.

Bryony is 21 and her boyfriend buys her a car.

My Corgi collector friend Andi Richter comes over from Germany to Astcote by motorbike. I took him for a run around the countryside and saw some nice old stones and even nicer old cars!

Bryony starts working at Tesla and we get to borrow one for a while and visit my friend Adrian, parking on a cricket pitch.

Friday, June 30

June 2017

Great parking at Tescos!

It was pretty warm this month! I think I saw 95°F too.

Wednesday, May 31

May 2017

I decided to walk from Astcote to Greens Norton. My friend had said that I needed to walk more so that seemed a good idea. It was a boiling hot day and certainly took a lot longer than I had expected! I did quite enjoy the scenery, though and had a feeling of achievement at the end, when I did get home.

On the way back I discovered that the traffic was at a standstill on the A5 so I would have been stuck that day by car anyway!

I had been to Gozo in March and walked from Xlendi to Victoria too. I got more coffee there, though!

Sunday, April 30

April 2017

Somehow, I have managed to be so occupied that I haven't been keeping this up-to-date - and now I have nearly two years to cach up with!! So I shall cheat a little with a few photos from each month since April 2017 and then change the publish date.

Daughters Katie and Bryony surprise me at a meal in the new place in the High Street, Towcester.

Apple blossom is always really pretty at this time.

I had a problem with some animals determined to get into the bin which contained lots of grain. I tried very hard to keep the lid closed but every night he or she managed to defeat my efforts! Here are just one set of the 'before' and 'after' pictures!!

Monday, March 6

March 2017

A tree near Eastcote that didn't survive Storm Doris.

Daffodils appear at last in Astcote, and crocuses too.

This pond should look completely different in a short while. Watch this space!

Lambs enjoying doing what lambs do best at this time of year!