Friday, October 9

Some old plant?

This has been growing for almost as long as the watch in background has been ticking, which is getting on for 50 years, and I still don't know what it is. I published a picture a while ago when it was at my mum's house but no response so I thought I'd try again. Since coming to the village it has thrived, despite my haphazard attention. I even broke a few bits off and planted them, literally sticking them in some soil, outside and they're doing fine come wind, rain or whatever (although I probably won't introduce them to snow).

If you squeeze a leaf there's a cool scent. Kind of citrus-like but not lemon or lime. Kind of medicinal, not that I know much about medicine but how I imagine a medicinal scent might be, but not eucalyptus. It's never flowered although I suppose it might surprise me one day. However, I reckon it's just a green plant. It would be nice to give it a name.

Believe me, I have searched through all sorts of books and even spent an hour or two on some amazing plant identification sites, all to no avail. It doesn't look anything rare or special and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a weed from Greece but I would still have expected to have found it somewhere. Put a picture on Twitter too so it's getting famous.

If you've got a bright idea and can't stick a note under my windscreen or on the door then use the Comment thing below. Maybe Penny will know - if Richard has allowed her to use the computer again.
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Matti and the grapes

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