Tuesday, October 17

One war might end another

I felt I had to write about what is happening in and around Israel in my last article. I felt that I should support Israel but I think like many people I wasn't too sure that Israel was good and Hamas were bad and that Israel could also be bad too if they wanted and that there was a good chance they'd be very bad indeed to the Palestinian people rather than just Hamas people and that would be difficult to justify. After listening to some interviews and reading some articles, however, I felt much more confident and able to write as I did.

With a much better understanding of the Soviet Union's history and Ukraine, I have been writing for many months about the terrible things that have been happening in Ukraine, hoping each time that there might be some glimmer of light for the good people of that nation. So far it has just remained very gloomy. Ukraine has made some advances in the South and steadily troubles Russian sites here and there by hitting planes, equipment or significant buildings but they haven't managed to pull off those decisive hits or advances which could bring the end-game closer.

Russia appears to have an endless supply of bodies to put into the fight. They are predominantly pretty useless and little more than bodies but sufficient to absorb enough of Ukraine's bullets and attacks to make progress slow.

With supplies from Iran and North Korea now getting through and increasing for Russia, our support and supplies seem to be at best level but probably starting to dwindle for Ukraine. Certainly the new Israel - Hamas war has taken almost everyone's focus away and the West are now wondering just how much more they can help Ukraine when they may be soon need to be ready to assist Israel in the escalating war in the Middle East.

All we need now is China to decide that it is a good time to make a move on Taiwan - maybe just a blockade or two but enough to divert enough of our ships and forces to permit someone else to advance elsewhere. A really determined effort by Russia to get a grip on Kiev, a strike by Iran on Israel, an accidental launch of a North Korean missile . . . any of these actions now seem feasible and would almost certainly be of benefit to Russia and the anti-Israel cause as we would simply bluster and say what we'd do but not actually do anything.

Even if there is no big 'success' for Russia I fear there is even less chance of any big 'success' for Ukraine (unless Israel feel inclined to give them a hand with some air power while their up in the sky). I do hope that Israel does give Hamas, and, if necessary, Hezbollah and Iran a bloody nose in the very near future as that will demonstrate that someone we support is prepared to say enough is enough and actually take some action.

Should such action lead to response which we are unable to ignore either contractually or morally then perhaps, at last, we too will have a chance to give Russia a kicking and send those pathetic bodies back home where they will be needed to help Syria or some other god-forsaken place in that awful area.

I have this feint hope that the Middle East war that is going to start, if it hasn't already, will help clear the air over Ukraine and give them some hope and a chance to reassert their borders after all. If Britain is drawn into battles with enemies of Israel then, whilst all hell will let loose, one does get the impression that Ukraine will come out of the winter stronger and better-supported and better-protected for 2024.

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