Monday, May 7

Bank Holiday Races

A large lamb just appeared at my front door. That made for an entertaining Bank Holiday late afternoon's exercise and 'planning'. I have no idea how she got out of the field but it certainly wasn't via the fence round the paddock that we spent a lot of time an effort fixing regularly when the lambs were younger. Rather than risk her belting off down the road, though, and frightening some poor old couple on an afternoon jaunt or eating more neighbours' daffodils than might be good for her, I decided that the best bet was to persuade her to go into the paddock where I could figure out what to do next.

That bit was relatively easy, although I do wish I had closed the door to the geese's quarters first. However, once out of there it seemed a fairly simple task to get her to head for the place where there used to be a gap in the paddock fence. Armed with some tools, I reopened the place which I thought she might have remembered and hoped she might find it on her own, especially with all her family's bleating noises coming from vaguely that direction.

No, she was far more determined to return whence she came. Must be a memory thing - short-term excellent but recalling escape routes from March lousy. I know how she feels. After several races back and forth she did finally get in the right direction and I was about the head her down the funnel towards the newly opened gap when the farmer arrives! One look at him and she shoots off again in completely the wrong direction and proceeds to chase the geese back into their quarters and then out again almost as it she was enjoying the game. Her mistake, though was to return once more to the empty geese quarters where the farmer was able to pick her up bodily and cart her back home. I swear she was smiling at me as she went off!

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