Monday, May 21

A bird in the pond (but not in the tree)

I am still trying to get a picture of a crow on the nest in this tree. Every day I pass by. Sometimes there's one sitting there but by the time I've stopped the car and persuaded the camera that it should be taking a shot the bird has flown or ducked down out of sight. I tried walking up one pleasant day recently and stood inconspicuously opposite. I waited for best part of an hour but, whilst almost every other bird in the area seemed to go home, no-one returned here. I have a feeling that they were watching me and probably returned just as soon as I wandered off with just a picture of the tree for my trouble.

To make up for that, though, I did manage to get an unexpected photo this evening. Wandering around the paddock, I heard something similar the sort of noise a duck or coot might make and spotted at least one tiny little black fluffy thing on the edge of the water near some reeds. I dashed back to get my camera and sat waiting for him or her to take another trip.

Eventually, heading for the warbling noise his mother (or father, I suppose,) one little fellow came into view briefly.

I shall return and take a newspaper and drink next time as I'm sure that, if I wait, there'll either be more or a chance of a better shot.

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