Saturday, December 5

Return of S1X

I was going to argue with DVLA but decided that I'd probably lose and had to find a new car pretty quickly. Amazed by the low prices of the sort of cars I like. I guess everyone's buying new ones or going electric or something.

Although severely tempted by a Cadillac Seville STS I found with the registration just three after one that I had, I reminded myself why I had found an S Type Jaguar 4 litre so much nicer. Then I found one of those and so very nearly bought that but the one I had owned was nearly new and guaranteed. Reports of huge bills in later years, coupled with my lack of spare resources these days, finally help my head win the heart v head battle that raged for a week or so. This nice, one owner BMW appeared and is really a fatter version of what I had before with a beautiful interior and some extras like a sunroof. Because it has a scratch that BMW had quoted a huge sum to repair the owner was happy to take a price I could manage and I think I can get someone to fix that one day for a much more reasonable sum.

So I've filled out all the forms and posted them off and, with fingers firmly crossed, the tax disc will soon match the plates. Well, nearly, as I shall replace them with the S1X AH spacing as soon as I can find someone who can make them for me. Even that requires a bundle of paperwork these days but I reckon there'll be a service on the internet somewhere I can use if the local shop won't do it.

Now all I have to do is find a buyer for the old one. Fully serviced, new MOT and genuine reason for sale!!
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