Monday, December 28

Pretty silly time to sell a car, really

but even after a week or so sitting at -5ºC it simply starts and gets on with whatever it's supposed to do. Must advertise it somewhere I suppose. Not much passing traffic in the paddock in December. Oh, it's only £1350 by the way. That's less than most people lose on their insurance renewal premium because they skidded and needed a new bumper on newer cars.

Yes, that's the idea: put your 59 plate in the garage and have fun running around in my 323iSE until the weather improves!

Or I could try another economic tack: either by loss of interest on your capital or loan instalments my car will pay for itself in 4 months!

And if that doesn't do it: in one year your car will be worth at least 20% less than it is now. That's more than £1350? Buy my car and you can give it away this time next year!

Hmm, better cater for the lads too: 143mph, 0-60 in 8.8seconds, 40mpg, £300 insurance unless you're under 14¾ years old. If your name is Riggaro it's also got your number plate!
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