Wednesday, November 2

Last known whereabouts of Gnome

There once stood a Gnome here. Known for wandering off from time to time and appearing in other parts of the Hill estate - but never straying onto other people's property - and always showing a cheery face. OK, so he was outside all the time and it's getting pretty chilly at night, but that's normal for a gnome. What wasn't quite so normal was the tendency for him to be supplied with beer and fags by neighbours and I reckon he was pretty chuffed with the Hallowe'en mask Adrian gave him in late October. He rather reflected life here in many ways, and on 1 November when the occupants of No 5 were being seranaded by a wardrobe salesman, he got dressed up in a cardboard box to show that he knew about fitted wardrobes. That, however, was the last time I saw him. His box was there but no Gnome when I got home on 2 November. Now you might think that's odd enough. I mean, it's not as if he were one of those really expensive ones. And he was big, not the sort of thing you could easily stuff on the front seat and drive off with. So, if you see him around - about 3' tall, mostly red with a watering can and a plant pot holder, usual red hat and white whiskers, turned up nose etc - bring him back please. Quite fond of the fellow, and it was me that rescued him from being thrown out from the MK residence in the first place! Posted by Picasa

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