Friday, November 4

Gnome news

Just as I'd thought Gnome had disappeared and was a bit sad about it, and beginning to plan some unpleasant revenge but short of evidence as to whom to exact the said unpleasantries upon, I get this postcard. Sad pic of Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum. Message: I have been asked to address "The" Gnome Convention" subject The Cruelty of Gnomes by Humans! See you soon. Gerald Nome.

Immediately banged off an e-mail to the most likely culprit (No 5) rejoicing at the fact that Gnome's (I'd never call anyone Gerald) OK and well done that was a good wheeze sort of stuff.

No 5 professed complete innocence - and credibly too. So who? Postcard was postmarked Leicestershire, 3 November. Pretty sure neither at No 5 had been away but I guess they could have send it to a friend there. Card was addressed to me, accurate address but postcode had a ? Now not many people would know my name and not many would guess that postcode. They'd either look it up and get it right or guess more wildly. One of the No 5's has a strong connection with Stoke Bruerne - brother runs the Children's Farm and she does art classes there. They'd know their postcode and so could have taken a guess at mine. The other No 5 has used the name Gerald on a joke business card too. So, No 5 still No. 1 suspect. Actually quite fun.

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