Sunday, December 6

The Age of Richard

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Paddock Party (Planetary Pandemonium Sub-group) Committee was held today, indeed is still going on, to mark the achievement of Richard, the astronomer, in completing sixty years on Planet Earth.

Held at a Thai Restaurant some considerable distance north of the village but still on the right side of the A5 (for reasons not totally clear but possibly associated with the good food there and pretty waitresses) the sexuagenarian (not a word you encounter often these days and quite difficult to pronounce without causing offence) was supplied with vast quantities of Thai beer, gifts and cards.

The proceedings commenced with the presentation of a large cake resembling the rings of Uranus (again, careful if reading this aloud) and featuring Earth and a spaceship. Uranus appears to have a couple of inhabitants, at least, 6 and 0 being mounted at its uppermost pole.

The Chairman spoke warmly and loudly in praise of Richard's achievements and was going to direct the singing of Happy Birthday but decided to leave that until a little later when whistles might be wetter and the higher notes less painful. He did, however, remind those present that Paddock Party 7 will be on 7 August 2010 and we need to start thinking about tents.
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