Saturday, January 24

Paddock Party 6: maybe 200 days to go

That depends on the date chosen - 8/8 or 15/8. I should mention that there was a meeting of the Paddock Party Committee to determine which dates to offer. Here is an extract from the minutes:

. . . burped loudly and apologised.

The Chairman asked whether we were quorate. "Ah Begorrah, there be two turds 'ere to be sure", he said which the Minutes Secretary took to mean that the required two-thirds were present in some way or another, probably mostly in spirit.

"So when should we have the next Paddock Party?" asked the Minutes Secretary.

"Ah! Good question!" boomed the Chairman, not because he was particularly fond of booming but he was standing in one doorway and the Minutes Secretary was standing in another. Between them was a great deal of wind and rain and assorted other weather so booming aided communication.

"Sometime in August?" suggested the Minutes Secretary, hoping that the Chairman wouldn't ask what dates the Saturdays fell on.

"What dates do the Saturdays fall on?" boomed the Chairman.

"Dunno." was the reply from across the great gravel divide.

"Bloody useless secretary that doesn't know the dates of Saturdays this year. . ." mumbled the Chairman

"Pardon?" said the Minutes Secretary.

"Oh, er. . . use less celery - add dozen or so plates of battered crayfish here!" re-boomed the Chairman. "I was reading a recipe to, er, Bruno or someone . . . sorry . . . right. So that's agreed, then!?"


So that's all right then.
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