Thursday, January 1


I suppose I should translate the previous post. Just use the keys to the left of those I typed and you'll get the message. And Happy New Year, readers and those of you who drop in because you searched for something completely different and, hey, guess what, landed on something completely different indeed!
I had a number of requests to minute proceedings when members of the Paddock Party Committee saw the MMVIII turn into an MMIX on their grandfather clocks. This I can do quite simply as there was absolutely nothing to report that is in any way associated with what will be Paddock Party Number Six. Quite how this could have occurred I am not entirely clear but it may have something to do with the comparatively large amount of wine and champagne consumed and an immense amount of food. However, all previous committee meetings have had similar accompaniment so the absence of Paddock Affairs is odd but has saved me considerable work.
Rather pleasantly, no New Year Resolutions were declared either. You know, the ones that either get broken within a matter of weeks or were suitably vaguely worded as to be reasonably easy to get out of anyway.
I mused whether to ring or wait to be rung. So much to do. So little time.
The first thing we did in 2009 was to play consequences, rather badly. One or two people made a valiant effort to contribute in some style so that the he said-she said etc. produced something worth reading but most were pretty painful and I'm sure it was better when I was 14.
2008 was a good year in many ways and with some great memories, firsts and what I think could be key developments. It ended pretty strangely, though, to say the least, which, of course it did.

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