Monday, May 25

Bank Holiday Monday with some birds in a field. And bunnies.

It's Bank Holiday Monday and everyone seems to be walking somewhere so I thought I'd better exercise the old calves and breath some outside air for a while. First stop The Camp, made famous as the location for several videos featuring Bryony, Kyran and Matti climbing, rolling tyres at each other and generally smiling quite a lot.

There's a cute little pond nearby where nothing much actually happens but the flag iris is pretty. Later there'll be an occasional duck and several massive blue dragonflies.

The few rabbits that have managed to escape from The Shoemaker Cats seem to understand I am not a cat and live for another afternoon, merrily munching grass or whatever they like there.

This pied wagtail never came closer than the fuzzy end of the range of my lens. I sat very quietly for ages and the little fellow wandered around looking for whatever pied wagtails look around for on a Bank Holiday across almost half the field but not the half I was in.

The robin was far more obliging and even posed on a convenient post for me. Twice.

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