Wednesday, September 30

Remembering my first school

The school's gone and the M25 now rumbles above the farm where I used to play. Some of the people who went to Colney Street School in the 1950s are still around though. My brother met a few classmates but I'll have to wait for another occasion to see what mine look like now as this group were all a bit older than me. Wandering around the area was fun, though, and I can distinctly remember racing down one lane on my trolley to Moor Mill. That's where Roger Taylor lived and what he didn't know about the lorries that came to and from the sandpits at the bottom of our garden wasn't worth knowing anyway. Whilst the rest of us have moved umpteen times, travelled half, or in some cases all the, way round the planet, it was really quite reassuring to find that Roger still lived in the same place and was just as knowledgeable and fascinating to listen to as he'd been half a century ago. I can't wait to get my hands on all the old pictures he had as he was one of the few children who both had a decent camera in those days and who bothered to take photos of things that just happened to be around: normal life things and, hopefully, some of us just playing. Others had plenty of posed shots and the usual pretty scenes but what I want is the inside of a den, some trolley repairs and an old bike or two.

The green balloons seemed a bit out of place but as the Daily Mail had picked up on the event I suppose someone decided to add some 70s style to the day. They did have some Helen Shapiro, The Walker Brothers, Elvis and Dusty Springfield on vinyl, though, which more than made up for that.
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