Thursday, April 2

[forgot] usb = [long] drive!!

This post should have been entitled 'Yippee!: or something similar as I arrived back in the village to start a whole two weeks and a day of desperately needed break from the stress and dull tedium of Dunstable, weird management request that we all use Arial 11 and virtually anything to do with Key Skills. However, on reaching the door I realised that I'd left my USB stick in a computer in a classroom.

Now, had it just had some copies of College files or stuff like that I could have taken a chance and called someone in the morning to retrieve it. These days, though, with 4GB or more space, I have tended to use it for everything and there are all sorts of things on it like photos, personal letters, draft web sites, designs, children's homework and so on. So I really didn't like the idea of some spotty student finding it and snaffling it away, especially as the spots may belong to someone I'd kicked out of class for swearing or just being a pain who might then wreak havoc, if not revenge, by publishing my stuff on noticeboards everywhere.

Even decent students who quite like me could have had great fun with a programme on there called Rasterbator which (no, it isn't rude) turns images into gigantic multipage and really impressive posters with a couple of clicks. The thought of my face beaming down from a ten by eight set of A4 sheets blutacked to a wall in A block was too much to bear.

So back I went, all the way to Dunstable. Boy, was I relieved to find the little stick still poking out of the PC in A409! Finally got back and put the cost and time down to experience. Tomorrow I shall extract anything I'm not happy to share with Spotty which I really should have done long ago. I expect there'll be others out there who may just be thinking they might do the same thing too!

Made it there and back in under an hour and a half, by the way. usually takes me that long just to get there!

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