Friday, October 14

From 9DP to 9DN

Finally moved the family from one part of Great Holm in MK to another. Not as pointless as it seems as the new place has an annexe which I can use as a studio and if I sell the Astcote place then I'll have somewhere to go. It's also an option for Mum or Dad should it be needed. Finance looks dreadful but not much I can do about that. Just think of me if you need anything written, drawn, photographed or put on the web, eh? Oh, and I can do e-learning too.

New address is 12 Hatchlands, Great Holm, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK8 9DN and I'll send a change of address card eventually. Phone number the same: 01908 565610. You'll still find me in the village, though. For a while, at least.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew - I'm moving to Great Holm and have been googling the postcode trying to find a decent broadband provider to use with the NTL phone line. I just wondered if you had any ideas? I'd be grateful if you could let me know,


Andrew Hill said...

Beth - couldn't respond other than this way but hope you get it. NTL provide the cable tv service although most people now have either Freeview boxes or Sky. You can have any service provider you like. I use Tiscali who say that they're bringing out a combined tv+phone+broadband service here at excellent price in 2007. Thought about Skype? Call free!