Thursday, January 8

KrasAir clue

I was almost relieved to discover that the mystery traveller hadn't forgotten me. Along with my first post of 2009 comes this envelope, bearing the usual heavy type label and quite an old 2nd class stamp that must have been lying around for a while as the variety with the big fat 2 was dropped from sale ages ago.

The dear sender may have to apologise for breaking the sorting office machine as it looks like the contents got jammed in some works somewhere with most of the usual postmark identifiers at a weird angle and it's surprising the comb got through at all.

Anyway, at last I do seem to have something by way of a clue as KrasAir went out of business in late 2008 and also didn't exactly have hundreds of destinations. In fact, outside Russia, the airports used were few but did include Austria, Germany, Greece and Portugal so I'm looking for someone who has either been behind the Iron Curtain (which would whittle it down to one pretty unlikely person) or one of the other places. It really isn't the sort of airline you pick up from UK so someone has presumably made an internal flight and done so before they went bust. Luckily.

Or they bought some KrasAir combs on Ebay.

More when I think about who's been where recently. I love this. If whoever it is reads this and permits themselves a smug smile then it is thoroughly deserved. Happy new year unless you're a manic stalker and the envelope contains polonium. Oops that'll get spotted by the internet traffic observation boys. Oh well. Another chapter for the book, maybe.
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