Sunday, June 17

Paddock Party 4

Here we go again. Saladeers, well saladettes mostly now, and the usual questions like"what shall we do if it rains?" (Answer: "Dunno. Probably, make a run for the nearset teent like last time.") "What are we doing about diversity?" (Answer: letting people from Pattishall come) and "How much should we charge for children?" (Answer: £100 - that should put off the annoying dim ones who can't read the signs that say KEEP OFF THE GRASS).

News of developments + pics of some of the committee either deliberating or comparing lawn mowers will be featured here in due course. [The ruder ones may be on Shed Monthly.]

Read the minutes of the Paddock Party Committee Meeting here and wish us all the best of luck. We're going to need it!
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