Sunday, October 16

Another visitor comes and goes

This little fellow spent some time in the kitchen, managed to open a few packets of crisps but the cheese was in the fridge. Just as everything went quiet at about 11:30pm he'd start scampering around somewhere between one wall and another. For several days I had no idea how he got in or out but I finally met him late one night when, in need of a coffee at about 1am we both surprised the hell out of each other! He was happily gazing out from a gap between the washing machine and the work surface and looking a bit miffed at my not having replenished the right flavour of crisps or left any cheese in an accessibile position. Anyway, that was the last I saw of him until he popped up in the hedge, not exactly where you'd expect but, as I said or shall say depending on which order you read these things in, there are some strange things happening in the village these days. Posted by Picasa
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