Tuesday, March 7

"You won't get it."

For some reason I can gaze at this snap for ages. It's totally unposed, an almost random shot, which I thought might be useful to doctor one day - the white rectangle nicely blank, space to add some reverse naughty image on the laptop and a replacement picture on the wall sprang to mind at the time. But now there are the two guys' expressions, the contrast of position and shirts. One looks out of proprtion to the other as if I'd cut and pasted one in from elsewhere and not checked dimensions. The picture on the wall looks as if it should be another way up and the strange-shaped table is just sort of there. Black plug in white socket. Leads gushing out here, rolled up scroll there. Red box. Blue chair. Brilliant white lights. Apparent ceiling and head-line. The wall-line that stops. And on it goes . . . And the whole scene reminds me of some old famous painting but someone will have to help me out there as I've no idea whose . . . but there is one I'm sure. Anyway, for those who see none of that or just fancy a laugh, there's a collection of LSDera freebies for the best caption or text on the projector. You can use the Comment thing if you like. Posted by Picasa
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