Sunday, January 1

One foot in the grave?

Just returned from the usual riotous affair at Primrose Cottage - regrettably none the wiser as to who dunnit gnome-wise, mainly due to Gnome's starrring role not only upon my arrival when I was greeted by a video of the instalment of the TV series of the above title featuring umpteen of the things but also, most amusingly but also confusingly, by his appearance at the backdoor at the precise moment everyone decided to go out to look at some fireworks somewhere in the distance. Usual suspects appeared genuinely surprised and I can't get my head around making a fresh list now! He seems to have lost a boot in transit too. I have now virtually totally lost the will to try and explain anything further to do with gnomes, let alone live, and am seriously considering a New Year's Resolution along the lines of not mentioning gnomes again unless prompted or I shall go mad, if I haven't already.
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