Monday, August 30

Can't tell the wood from the trees

Bits of my mystery plant - that's the one climbing out bottom left and another cutting bottom right - seem to have quite enjoyed the sun and wind and rain which we've had, occasionally all at once, over the last few days. The trouble is, there's now a whole load of other stuff growing in the tub I put them in and I've no idea which are weeds and which might be something interesting.

So if there's anyone out there with some advice just let me know. The black stuff was some compost I found in another pot which might have had some cress in once upon a time. And, of course, if you can identify the main one, which has quite thick, blobby leaves that smell great when you squish them, that would be good too after what must me a year or so of wondering!

It's still never flowered. The leaves smell of something quite distinct but I just can't match it to anything I know. Vaguely citrus-like, add a touch of eucalyptus and a pinch of mint and think lavender and you'll be on the right tracks. I know it's pretty common-looking but I'd love to know what it is.
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