Friday, October 17

Twinned with The Astcote Arms

Landlord, Professor Rufus P. Pinckard III  pours the inaugural drink (Blue Nun vintage 1974) as Cold Higham's only public house opens its doors. The older gentleman on the right is none other than The Honorable Samuel Pinckard (no relation, honest) Lord Mayor of Kingsthorpe (also twinned with Cold Higham) who performed the opening ceremony for us. The smaller old gentleman front and centre was a ruffian who had to be ejected from the premises for smoking suspicious substances and once reading the Jewish Chronicle upside down. The lady in the middle is Dame Nellie D'Ormouse the only woman in Britain who can sleep standing up and whilst keeping her dentures in.

Doug is welcome to visit anytime to sample the fine ales on offer. (If we can find the key.)
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