Sunday, November 20

Gnome news 5

Curiouser and curiouser, to use another blog name (that's a pretty boring one, though, nothing like this stuff!). It's Sunday. Had to go down to MK early. Freezing cold. Minus 2. Get back about 4:30pm. Everyone seems to have washed their cars. That's odd in itself. Normally just one person washing one car every day - see earlier posts. Anyway, stuffed in the letter box was a yellow glove - that I took as a typical Adrian gesture and a sign that he'd washed his car for the first time in a million days and was jolly pleased with himself.

Inside, however, on the carpet was another postcard. Brand spanking new and shiny like the last one but this was unsullied by having to go through the postal system. No address. No signature. Just Meet the family! in what immediately struck me as Adrian's writing. Picture was a load of gnomes.

Just has to be Adrian. Simply can't think of anyone else. Delivered personally by someone who must have known I was out or, at least, not watching the door.

Now to think of a way to get my own back!!
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