Wednesday, November 16

Gnome news 3

Yet another postcard, after a slightly worrying delay. Posted in Cheshire 13 November. Reads This is my friend Sebastian seal, who saved me from drowning in the sea. Lovely weather. Hi ho, Hi ho! G Nome.

Picture of a seal in the water (Athena poster type by the look of it)

Now this one was sent to No 4 but details otherwise accurate and same ? postcode. Fortunately the old dear at No 4 passed it to me in good time.

Not a lot I can learn from this one. The 4 error may just be to throw me off the scent as I have been pretty strongly saying I reckon it's No 5.

Showed Adrian all three and he did seem very convincing in saying it wasn't him. But if it isn't then it's a tricky one. Someone at work says there's a Gnome Protection League or similar who start off with friendly cards which turn nasty. I don't go for that on this one. The reference to coming back for Christmas rules them out at present and any 'league' wouldn't know my name.

I'm well hooked. Congrats to whoever. Can't wait for the next one!
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