Saturday, August 6

Dunstable College gets a new web site

30 miles south of Astcote is a place called Dunstable. It's where the traffic grinds to a halt and is annoying close to Luton but its saving grace is that it has a friendly college called Dunstable College who have paid me every month for over 10 years now.

The nice young man I took on to help me do the new web site disappeared at the start of the summer break having created some interesting coding to transfer data for courses etc, and forms that would magically help visitors get information on-line etc. But before he'd actually finished it. I'd put most of the pages together but, whilst an enormous improvement on the old site, just as the house hell broke out (see below), I realised that I was in another tight spot having promised the Principal that people visiting the site during the crucial summer recruitment weeks would be able to see some decent pages and get useful information.

A colleague and I managed to fix most of the pages and are still trying to transfer data and we've just replaced the old one with our efforts. See them here. Just as we were about to celebrate I noticed that all the vertical scroll bars were missing! Neither of us are particularly good with html code (that was why we'd got the lad in) but we've learned more in the last few days than either of us had picked up in the previous x years! Fixed the scroll bars in Internet Explorer, at least, although they're still not there in Firefox which is the browser I like best. Hope our prospective students aren't all trendy Firefox users!!

We're still rapidly correcting mistakes but, basically, the whole thing comes from here in Astcote and there's no way I could have done it, house hell or not, without the facilities and ability to work non-stop in this little studio of mine. So thank you, little house.
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